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In addition to our core construction management and inspection services, KBA provides value-added services including Quality Assurance, Constructability Review, Change Order Management, and Risk Management on a variety of project types.  KBA also successfully manages the construction of buildings for private developers as well as municipal facilities for public agencies.

King County Housing Authority Greenbridge HOPE VI Redevelopment

Permitting and Closeout Services

Client: Pulte Homes

Location: Snoqualmie, Washington

2019 - In Progress


KBA worked with the Developer, City of Snoqualmie, and public utilities to complete the closeout of City of Snoqualmie bonds associated with the development of the Snoqualmie Ridge Master Planned Community. Bonds included performance and maintenance for roadways, utilities, landscaping, and sensitive areas restoration and monitoring. Bond release was predicated on the timely completion of punch list items.

SE 62nd Street Extension Improvements, Constructability Review

Client: City of Issaquah

Location: Issaquah, Washington

2016 - 2017


KBA provided constructability and plan submittal review for the roadway and bridge plans at the 60%, 65%, 90%, 100% design level. KBA collaborated with the Design Engineer to provide input to improve the level of constructability of the project, which helped to create plans that were biddable, buildable, and maintainable for the City. KBA delivered comments on the Specifications that clarified the intent of the design and provided bid items to limit over-runs in erosion control. When the final bid package was put to ad the awarded Contract was approximately $6 million under the Design Engineer’s estimate.

Darrington Emergency Repairs

Client: US Department of Transportation

Location: Darrington, Washington

2018 - 2019


KBA developed a Quality Control (QC) Plan and is providing QC Manager Services for this $2.2 million project to repair 17 individual US Forest Service roads, near Darrington, WA. Sites had been washed out or otherwise rendered impassable. General repairs include installation of upsized corrugated metal culverts/large arched culvert, and backfill with available near-site granular materials. Installation of concrete, riprap, and woody debris is also included in the work.

SR 520 Bridge Replacement & HOV Program, Risk Analysis

Client: WA State DOT

Location: Seattle, Washington

2012 - 2017

KBA provided change order management and risk analysis on this $753 million dollar, high-profile design-build project that will replace the existing SR 520 floating bridge, and relieve congestion by improving transit and HOV operations. Major construction work elements include: a new six-lane floating bridge, with HOV lanes, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, and the ability to accommodate future light rail.

Trailside Construction Management, Owner's Representation

 Client: Quadrant Homes

Location: Redmond and Bellevue, Washington



KBA was the Owner’s Representative for Quadrant Homes who developed several plats and condominium projects, totaling $8 million, in the Redmond and Bellevue areas. Project elements included grading of soils to lots and pads per plans; and installation of storm facilities, sewer mains, water systems, and the various dry utilities. Installation of curbs, pavement, and sidewalks was next, followed by landscaping, signs, and painting of traffic control. As the Owner Representative in the field, KBA

provided consultation, contract administration, and field observations which helped to ensure that schedules and budgets were maintained. KBA also helped address constructability issues and handle any questions or concerns with the various agencies that had jurisdiction

Pulte Homes Development Contracts, Owner's Representation

 Client: Pulte Homes

Location: Kirkland and Duvall, Washington



KBA was the Owner’s Representative for Pulte Homes who developed two single-family residential lot developments in Kirkland (Marinwood) and Duvall (North Hill). Contract scope included clearing and grubbing, grading, underground wet and dry utilities, stormwater facilities, concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, asphalt paving, street lighting, irrigation and landscaping, and project amenities. KBA developed two separate bid packages that were distributed to contractors, handled questions during the bidding period, and distributed addendum.

Burke-Gilman Trail Improvements, Phase 1

 Client: University of Washington

Location: Seattle, Washington

2015 - 2016


KBA provided construction management and inspection services for Phase 1 of improvements to the Burke-Gilman Trail segment within the UW campus. The project included widening the trail from the existing 12 feet to approximately 24 feet, including dedicated lanes for bicyclists and pedestrians, separated by a rolled curb. Other improvements include new lights; more blue emergency phones; improved trail intersections and ADA access; mixing zones with amenities such as benches, trash cans, and bicycle parking; and improved sightlines. The project was funded by a grant from the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) through the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program.

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