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Construction of concrete and steel bridges, tunnels, deep foundations, and retaining walls is often technically challenging. This type of work is one of KBA’s specialties. Through attention to detail and persistent follow-through, KBA helps achieve the desired durability and quality of the structures while minimizing the impacts generated during the intensity of construction.

WSDOT I-5 Skagit River Bridge Permanent Bridge Replacement

228th Street Grade Separation

Client: City of Kent

Location: Kent, Washington

2018 - In Progress


KBA is providing construction management and inspection services for this $21 million project for the City of Kent. KBA worked with the Owner and contractor to install a CIPP liner in an existing sewer pipe instead of open cutting when existing utilities were discovered that complicated the contractor’s ability to safely shore a trench. KBA also proposed and helped coordinate the use of used geofoam blocks the contractor owned, saving the project cost and kept usable material from going to a landfill. This project is funded with FHWA, State, and Local dollars.

Grand Avenue Park Bridge

Client: City of Everett

Location: Everett, Washington

2017 - 2019


KBA provided the Resident Engineer on an integrated team with the City of Everett Construction Management group to construct a single-span (257 feet long and 24 feet deep) steel truss bridge in the City of Everett. The $14 million combined utility and pedestrian bridge begins on Port of Everett property atop a 30-foot-high concrete tower with an elevator shaft serving as the west abutment. The bridge spans eastward an average 40 to 60 feet above SR529, five BNSF tracks, and a steep 80 feet high bluff before ending on the east abutment located along the northwest edge of Grand Avenue Park near 16th Street. It carries a 36-inch storm drain pipe and 30-inch combined sewer pipe with existing terminuses at the west end of 16th Street to existing outfalls in Puget Sound. To provide ADA compliant access for pedestrians. An elevator was constructed at the west end of the bridge for pedestrian use to for access between Grand Avenue Park and the Port of Everett.

Sammamish River Bridge Replacement

Client: City of Woodinville

Location: Woodinville, Washington

2018 - 2019

KBA provided full construction management services on this $5.8 million project. The work under this contract included improvements to the Sammamish River Bridge. It widened SR 202 from the intersection of 131st Avenue NE to Woodinville-Redmond Road. This segment of SR 202 was widened to 4 lanes by constructing a new two-lane bridge adjacent to the
existing bridge. Railing and sidewalk modifications were also included for the existing bridge. In addition, the project included bike lanes, curb and gutter, and sidewalk to be installed on both sides of the road.

Arlington Valley Road

Client: City of Arlington

Location: Arlington, Washington

2018 - 2019

KBA provided full construction management support for construction of the Arlington Valley Road, a $4 million new route linking 74th Avenue NE to 191 Place NE, just west of Highway 9. The new road provides another option for businesses along busy 67th Avenue to reach the highway and serves commuters, pedestrian/bicyclists, as well as trucks hauling supplies and
products. The project constructed a new street having two traffic lanes and a center turn lane. The road is approximately three-quarters of a mile long. A paved pedestrian/bicycle path was constructed immediately adjacent to the new road. This project had been included in the City’s transportation plan for more than a decade but was delayed because of the recession. As the manufacturing industry in North Snohomish County expanded, the road had again become a priority. It also opened up properties to development that didn't have transportation access prior to the new construction.

Burlington Northern Overpass

Client: Skagit County

Location: Burlington, WA

2018 - 2019


KBA provided construction management and inspection services for this $12 million federally funded bridge replacement project. Project elements included demolition of an existing 1,200-foot long, 72-bent timber trestle (built in 1936), and constructing a three-span prestressed concrete girder bridge with structural earth wall (SEW) approaches. The bridge foundations included 6- and 8-foot diameter drilled shafts, while the approach foundations included the installation of stone columns. This project required high attention to detail and communication/coordination skills as construction was completed over a live BNSF railroad track serving 26 trains per day.

Deer Harbor Bridge Replacement Project

Client: San Juan County

Location: Orcas Island, Washington

2016 - 2017


KBA provided construction management and inspection services for this $1.75 million bridge replacement project on Orcas Island. KBA’s Resident Engineer was responsible for all documentation, Record of Materials (ROM) submittals, requests for information (RFI), certified payrolls, preparation of estimates, and change orders. KBA assisted with plan revisions and provided on-site monitoring of all construction activities and utility coordination. The County granted authority to KBA’s Resident Engineer to troubleshoot and provide solutions to the constructability issues faced on this project, which kept the project moving forward and on schedule. Work elements included grading work in the channel between the harbor and lagoon, cofferdams, dewatering, and pile driving.

Forbes Creek Bridge Seismic Retrofit

Client: City of Kirkland

Location: Kirkland, Washington

2015 - 2016


KBA provided construction management and inspection services to upgrade the 98th Avenue NE Bridge (Forbes Creek Bridge) for seismic survivability. The project improves the stability of the bridge during significant seismic events, and provides emergency service accessibility and general transportation connectivity. Specific work included bridge column coring, wetland and in-stream work, clearing and grading, and traffic control. The project was funded by a federal highways grant approved by WSDOT.

NW Dogwood Bridge Replacement

Client: City of Issaquah

Location: Issaquah, Washington



KBA provided construction management and inspection services for this $2,700,000 replacement of the existing NW Dogwood Bridge. The new bridge was designed with a span of approximately 95 feet with two travel lanes, 5-foot shoulders, and sidewalks on both sides with a drilled pile foundation. Work included removal of the existing bridge, installation of a new bridge on auger cast piling foundation and precast girders, and new street improvements. This project received both federal and City funding.

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