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KBA positively impacts the health and safety of communities through our contribution to water and wastewater projects. KBA works with cities, counties, public utility districts, and private developers in the proper construction of water supply, treatment and storage facilities; and wastewater conveyance, collection, and treatment systems.

Port Angeles CSO Phase 2

Clean Water Facility - Heavy Civil GC/CM

Client: City of Oak Harbor

Location: Oak Harbor, Washington

2015 - 2020


KBA provided construction management and inspection services for this $150 million heavy civil GC/CM project that replaced two aging wastewater treatment facilities with a new clean water treatment facility that meets modern standards for reliability and performance. This project provided the construction of a new membrane bioreactor (MBR) facility to replace the City’s existing facilities (lagoon and rotating biological contactor), providing continued reliable wastewater service to the community of Oak Harbor while protecting and preserving the surrounding environment (Puget Sound, Oak and, Crescent Harbors).

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO), Phase 2

Client: City of Port Angeles

Location: Port Angeles, Washington

2014 - 2017


KBA provided office engineering services for the $14.9 million Phase 2 CSO Project that is part of the City’s approved CSO Reduction Program. The project increased flow conveyance capacity in the mainlines from downtown to the existing wastewater treatment plant to accommodate peak flows from storm events; increased the capacity of the treatment plant; utilized an existing above-ground storage tank to store excess flows; and increased the capacity of the treatment plant outfall system. Elements of the work included construction of an above and below grade pump station building for housing various mechanical, process, and electrical equipment; piping systems; new gravity sewer and storm drain; replacement of sidewalk, curb, and road surfaces as required; and traffic control.

Morse Lake Pump Plant

Client: Seattle Public Utilities

Location: North Bend, Washington



KBA provided construction management and inspection services for this $16.3 million project, located entirely within the secured Cedar River Municipal Watershed. The facility improves water transfer from Chester Morse Lake into the lower watershed, thereby providing the capability to meet water system demands and in-stream flows during dry conditions. KBA successfully met project challenges including completing all work while maintaining a fully operational water supply reservoir, with emphasis on worker safety and water quality protection.



Town of Diablo Large Onsite Sewer System

Client: Seattle City Light

Location: Diablo, Washington


KBA provided construction management services on this $3.3 million project. KBA inspected septic tanks as they were delivered to the site, inspected all rough-in plumbing installed in all houses in the Diablo “Hollywood” community, and inspected installation of electrical receptacles/conduit installed in individual houses and for tank systems. The houses and buildings in the Diablo community originally sent their wastewater to an aging wastewater treatment plant. This project replaced the conveyance and wastewater treatment plant with an on-site tank farm and individual septic tanks.

Landsburg Facilities and Chlorination Project

Client: Seattle Public Utilities

Location: Ravensdale, Washington

2014 - 2015


KBA provided construction management and inspection services for this $6.9 million project that constructed a new 4,500 SF Operations Center Building with control room, locker rooms, offices, and water lab. The project also replaced the existing chlorine gas system with a liquid sodium hypochlorite system. Work included a new antenna tower, foundation, grounding system, and antenna system; upgrade of the supervisory control and data acquisition monitoring system; and construction of new concrete drives, pervious concrete parking area, and turf overflow parking.

North Reservoir

Client: City of Oak Harbor

Location: Oak Harbor, Washington

2013 - 2014


KBA provided construction management and inspection services for this $4.8 million project to construct a 4-million-gallon welded steel reservoir. Work elements included clearing and grading the project site; construction of a storm drainage collection system, detention piping, and a drainage ditch/bioswale; pervious asphalt access road and site parking; pressure-reducing valve station; and connection to existing waterlines. KBA staff’s experience with tank projects and understanding of the client’s risk on this project gave them the opportunity to be proactive during tank construction.

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