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KBA's experienced and qualified team members are recognized and valued locally and statewide. Our clients leverage KBA's specialty services to improve project design and delivery, reduce risk and cost, and troubleshoot or avoid problems. KBA understands that every project is different and we are adept at flexing out specialty services to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Constructability / Biddability

  • Conduct independent review of plans and specifications 

  • Validate quantities and payment terms for major bid items

  • Perform a "plans-in-hand" review to confirm situational fit

  • Review and advise on efficiency of construction staging

  • Prepare risk assessment and identify critical issues

Consulting / Advising

  • Facilitate partnering workshops

  • Serve on Value Analysis panels

  • Write project and construction management and administrative procedure manuals

  • Serve on Dispute Review Boards 

  • Manage start-up testing and commissioning 

  • Conduct quality assurance (QA) audits

Teaching / Training

  • Deliver training of construction practices to Client and Contractor organizations

  • Develop and write technical documents 

  • Provide PlanGrid training

  • Provide SharePoint training

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