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Developing and improving local roadways that meet the transportation needs of our growing communities is a prominent concern for KBA’s clients. KBA understands that road construction has its own set of challenges, whether constructing a new road through timber, widening a quiet residential street, or reconstructing a heavily traveled arterial in a busy metropolitan area.

SDOT AAC Dexter Avenue N

SE 62nd Street Extension

Client: City of Issaquah

Location: Issaquah, Washington

2017 - In Progress


KBA is providing full construction management services for the extension of SE 62nd Street from E. Lake Sammamish Parkway to Lake Drive. The project constructs a connecting roadway and two roundabouts, a multi-use trail connection, and sidewalks. Significant coordination with utilities, businesses, and the public is required to keep business access open. Before construction began, the contractor proposed to re-design the bridge to provide for easier constructability and a reduced cost. The redesign included driving 36” diameter pipe piles, 70’ and 90’ long. When bearing resistance was not achieved as expected, KBA coordinated with the geotech, general contractor, designer, and client to revise the plans and solve the issue in real time. This effort resulted in minimizing risk to the City and achieved the targeted results. The risks for significant increases in time, equipment use, and material costs were also minimized. As a major project stakeholder, Costco has added additional complexity by requesting added scope and restricting site access. These requests and restrictions came with the expectation of they would result in no extension of the contract completion date. KBA has established great relationships with Costco and the design team. This allows facilitating communication and collaboration to coordinate real-time resolution to conflicting project demands.

Main Street Enhancement

Client: City of Bothell

Location: Bothell, Washington

2017 - 2018


Working as a part of a blended City team, KBA provided construction management and inspection support for this $5.7 million project that revitalizes Main Street. The project made a major contribution to the economic health of downtown Bothell, particularly after the area suffered through a major fire affecting businesses in 2016. The Main Street Enhancement Project constructed a pedestrian-friendly downtown urban center by reworking the entire streetscape that included straightening the street’s curved alignment, adding a new curbless street system with removable bollards, and unique flex zone grading increased pedestrian mobility, facility usage, and corrected existing drainage problems.

3rd Avenue Arterial Asphalt and Concrete (AAC)

Client: Seattle DOT

Location: Seattle, Washington

2017 - 2018


This $5.8 million project included complex elements that required effective communications between SDOT, SPU, and contractor. Working with SDOT Public Outreach was also a key element of the project. To reduce impacts to public, SDOT requested the project be accelerated by cutting 25 working days from the 190 working days allowed in the contract. KBA worked with the contractor, King County Metro, and SDOT to “clear the path” of “speed bumps” that could slow progress. Buried remains of an old railroad trolley alignment was found along 75% of the project. Complicating the removal of this debris was its location over SPU’s water main, which has vibration restrictions within a 20-foot horizontal zone. We were able to work with the contractor to revise their removal of this pavement zone to minimize the cost of this changed condition and not impact working days.

Central Avenue S Pavement Preservation and Utility Improvements

Client: City of Kent

Location: Kent, Washington

2015 - 2018


KBA provided construction management and inspection services on this $5.8 million federally funded pavement preservation and utility improvement project. Project work consisted of installing new curb, gutter, and sidewalk; pavement repair, grinding, and overlay; cast-in-place sewer lining; waterline installation; electrical conduit trenching and installation; and signal loop installation.



SR 522 West, Phase A (61st Avenue NE to 65th Avenue NE)

 Client: City of Kenmore

Location: Kenmore, Washington

2014 - 2018


KBA provided construction management and inspection services for this $10 million project that included widened travel and Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes, additional turning lanes at the key intersection (61st/SR 522), signal improvements, illumination, ADA access management, retaining walls, center medians, sidewalks, drainage improvements, landscaping, and utility conversion to underground. Work also included treatments to the Burke-Gilman Trail, building a new traffic signal, and improving the pedestrian crossing.

Porous Concrete Parking Lot - Department of Ecology (DOE)

Client: City of Burlington

Location: Burlington, Washington



KBA provided construction management and inspection services for the installation of pervious concrete parking lot on S. Spruce Street, including the construction of gravel shoulders along Hazel Avenue and gravel shoulders along Regent Street. This $ 1.6 million project provided parking made from pervious concrete as part of a Low Impact Development demonstration project with grants by the Washington State DOE. Pervious concrete allows stormwater to flow right through and enter the ground, reducing runoff and pollution. The site also included two rain gardens that provide treatment and infiltration for the stormwater from the adjacent street. KBA coordinated with City staff, the contractor, and Skagit County PUD; maintained comprehensive contract administration documentation; and documented construction activities.

SR 99 Aurora Corridor Improvements

Client: City of Shoreline

Location: Shoreline, Washington



KBA provided on-site construction management and inspection services for the multi-phase $52 million Aurora Corridor Improvements project, which improves and enhances three miles along heavily-traveled Aurora Avenue North (SR 99) in Shoreline. Managing the flow of traffic through the project area is a significant priority and the KBA CM team’s excellent communication and coordination efforts with the City of Shoreline, SPU, SCL, the contractor, and other affected parties are instrumental in facilitating the smooth flow of traffic while keeping the project on schedule.

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