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WSDOT recognizes KBA’s internal training program as meeting the requirements of the Construction Quality Inspector Certification (CQIC) training and certification program, as set forth in WSDOT's current edition of the Construction Manual.

If you would like to view a list of WSDOT CQIC certified staff at KBA, contact Sue Moore (

Construction Management

Project / Program Management

Specialty Services

KBA’s full service construction management capabilities include contract administration, project documentation, inspection, construction coordination, analysis, and reporting. KBA’s teams understand and share the Owner’s vision, and actively engage at all levels of the project to address design conflicts and changed conditions, coordinate and/or expedite necessary third-party work, and communicate project needs. KBA’s experienced staff anticipates field problems, articulates issues, and brings solutions forward to keep construction moving.

Clients find it extremely valuable to involve KBA early in the planning, design development, and pre-construction phases of their capital programs. KBA identifies opportunities to more efficiently deliver projects, condense schedule durations, provide mechanisms to manage project risk, and identify and resolve potential issues. Deliberate and purposeful project and program management saves time and money.

KBA’s experienced and qualified team members are recognized and valued locally and statewide. Our clients leverage KBA’s specialty services to improve project design and delivery, reduce risk and cost, and trouble-shoot or avoid problems. KBA understands that every project is different and we are adept at flexing our specialty services to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Constructability / Biddability

Program Planning

Contract Administration and Change Management

  • Administer contracts

  • Coordinate among agencies having jurisdiction

  • Resolve, negotiate, and document changes

  • Perform dispute resolution and claims analysis

  • Provide quality management/quality verification (QM/QV) services

Inspection, Documentation, and Quality Assurance

  • Monitor contractors’ activities for compliance with contract documents and environmental permits

  • Coordinate with utilities, agencies, and property owners/tenants

  • Maintain records of materials and accepted work

  • Maintain digital audit-ready documents

  • Problem-solve when challenges arise

  • Practiced in Federal Aid documentation standards

Project Scheduling, Controls, and Reporting

  • Scope, quantify, and prioritize projects

  • Strategize phasing, sequencing of work, and site utilization

  • Recommend delivery method and procurement approach

  • Define program scope and refine change control systems

  • Prepare project funding plan and cash flow analysis

  • Conduct independent review of plans and specifications

  • Validate quantities and payment terms for major bid items

  • Perform a "plans-in-hand" review to confirm situational fit

  • Review and advise on efficiency of construction staging

  • Prepare risk assessment and identify critical issues

Design Phase Services

Consulting / Advising

  • Provide leadership to resolve design phase issues

  • Assess project risk and identify management strategies

  • Develop baseline schedule as basis for contract time

  • Write, illustrate, edit, and publish written reports

  • Participate on charette panels

  • Facilitate partnering workshops

  • Serve on Value Analysis panels

  • Write project and construction management and administrative procedure manuals

  • Serve on Dispute Review Boards

  • Manage start-up testing and commissioning

  • Conduct quality assurance (QA) audits

Pre-Construction Services

  • Assist with preparation of bid documents

  • Respond to bidder questions and issue addenda

  • Obtain and evaluate bids

  • Perform readiness reviews of rights-of-way, permits, construction staging, and third party utility agreements

  • Coordinate public outreach programs

Teaching / Training

  • Deliver training of construction practices to Client and Contractor organizations

  • Develop and write technical documents

  • Provide PlandGrid training

  • Provide SharePoint training

  • Analyze contractor’s baseline and progress schedules

  • Forecast costs, document progress, and maintain ledger of work accepted for payment

  • Assess earned-value of work-in-progress

  • Reporting and forecasting

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